Hong Kong & Taiwan: Day 8 & 9

Thankfully mum was feeling a bit better the following morning so we were able to fly back to Hong Kong. We arrived safely and my auntie, uncle, and dad were waiting to meet us just to make sure mum was alright!

The next morning, we went Yum Cha with my grandma and then headed to Hong Kong Wetland Park as I fancied going somewhere we hadn’t been before. It was a lovely day so it was nice wandering about outside and seeing the scenery, though mum and I weren’t quite feeling ourselves – probably just extreme tiredness from the adventure the day before!


In the evening, we met with some of my family and went to a Korean buffet near their house in Yuen Long. It was amazing as we could cook our own meat on the grill in front of us and there was a massive selection to choose from ranging from duck, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and more! There was also a lot of delicious cooked and cold foods too – it was amazing!! We all left feeling very stuffed and I’d totally go back there again!


100 Happy Days – Day 39

Happy Valentine’s Day! I was lucky enough to have lunch with three lovely guys this afternoon! Before you jump to any conclusions, no I’m not a serial dater, we were just all craving pizza last week so decided to go to Pizza Hut today to stuff our faces during their lunchtime buffet, and it just happened to be this joyful day of love… In any case, 10 slices of pizza, generous helpings of salad and other bits and pieces later, I think I can definitely say that I am well and truly stuffed!