100 Happy Days – Day 29 (Fleet River Bakery)

I met up with my friend Jess at the Fleet River Bakery for a bit of a catch up over a hot chocolate and carrot cake. I’d never been there before, but I’d heard great things about it and since it’s right around the corner from my university I was up for trying it!

We got there just before midday and it was already pretty busy and I’d heard that the queues snake outside by the time it reaches lunchtime! There was a nice selection of cakes available and I decided to treat myself to a carrot cake for £3.50 and hot chocolate for £2.80, which are pretty average prices for coffee shops and cafes in London. I also got a student discount for being at LSE, which was an added bonus 😀 Jess and I managed to find a table and had a lovely catch up. The carrot cake was very moist and the icing was very moreish and I’m very tempted to return soon to try another of their baked goods. The hot chocolate was very nice too and last year they did a hot chocolate festival where they had different flavours of hot chocolate every day, ranging from coconut, to honeycomb. Gutted I didn’t realise this last year, otherwise I would have been down there like a shot! The atmosphere inside the cafe felt very welcoming and warm. There were loads of different types of people in there, from business people having a quick lunch, to students working at their laptops with a coffee. They have a different selection of food every lunch time, and it was so hard to resist buying something else to eat when I saw people walking past our table with delicious looking food!

Fleet River Bakery carrot cake and hot chocolate

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