Le Petit Zinc (Review)

We decided to try Le Petit Zinc for a quick lunch as we had passed it on a few occasions on our way back to our hotel and my mum liked the display of seafood outside the restaurant. We went for the Express Menu which we hoped would live up to its name since we had to be back at our hotel soon for our rearranged spa treatments.

The menu was pretty vast with prices varying from €177.70 for a selection of oysters and other seafood, to the much cheaper option of our Express Menu which was only €22.20 for two courses!


We went for two courses each as we didn’t want lunch to take too long. I went for the flank steak with shallot sauce and home made French fries, and my mum chose the lamb stew with carrots. My steak was a pretty standard steak, but that was what I was expecting. The fries on the other hand were really nice! They were lovely and crispy on the outside and were thin cut, which is what I love! My mum’s lamb wasn’t chewy and there was a lot of meat!

For dessert I chose the vanilla creme brulee and my mum had the pear crumble. They were both very nice, although it was a bit disappointing that the bowl for the crumble was hot, yet the crumble itself wasn’t!

On the whole, if I had a lot more money and more time, it would have been nice to try some of the other items on the menu (although I think I may leave the €177.70 dish until I’ve got myself a decent job!) We were served pretty rapidly and the waiters were friendly towards us, even though we chose the cheapest items on the menu! There was also a live cooking station where the waiters were making crepes, which was nice to watch. The interior of the restaurant was rather grand looking, and pretty big, although I didn’t get a chance to explore that much.



Le Fumoir (Review)

We headed to Le Fumoir for our first dinner in Paris. It was extremely busy when we arrived but we had booked so thankfully were able to get a table. In the evening, they serve a set menu (€32 for two courses, €36 for three courses). Both my mum and I went for three courses and for my starter I went for beef tartare with bits of fried sardines and cucumber in a light sardines broth, whereas my mum went for the squids sauteed with a touch of curry, creamed corn and gombos (whatever that is!)

Before serving us our food, we were given warm towels to clean our hands, which I thought was a nice touch. We were also served a cold soup, but I can’t remember what on earth was actually in it! The starters soon arrived and my beef tartare was presented quite prettily with the cucumber surrounding the beef. It was an alright dish, but nothing that special. My mum’s squid was rather nice and it wasn’t spicy at all, even though it said that it had a touch of curry (I can’t stand anything that has a hint of spicyness!)

For my main, I opted for the roasted lamb, with mashed potatoes, lovage and tomato sauce. My mum went for the pan fried scallops, mashed Swedish turnip, black cabbage, and lardo. Once again, the food was presently nicely and I thought the portion was quite small at first, but once I dug in, I found a decent portion of meat which tasted great and wasn’t chewy. My mum got four scallops and it was surrounded in a slightly frothy broth, which reminded me of frothy sea water (maybe that was what they were trying to imitate?!)

My mum and I aren’t really cheese eaters, so I chose the mango pie with yogurt and mascapone ice cream, and my mum went for the black and white chocolate with clementine sorbet. My mango pie was really nice and the ice cream added a nice touch to it. I don’t really know what my mum’s dessert was, but it seemed to be pieces of dark chocolate truffle in a really nice sauce.

Overall, this restaurant was pretty good. I normally wouldn’t go to the those restaurants which serve the food looking all pretty since they normally give you tiny portions and I’m left wanting more. But the portions here were a decent size and the food was quite tasty too.


Au Pied De Fouet (Review)

I came across this restaurant on Trip Advisor and there were amazing reviews for it. The restaurant was only a few doors down from our hotel in Paris so we thought we’d try it! It was very busy when we arrived, but we were able to get a table straight away (although we were sharing a table with another two diners, but I guess this shows just how popular the restaurant is). The restaurant itself is pretty small and there is an upstairs as well, but I’m not sure how large it is there as I didn’t go up. The tables are quite close together and my mum said it was quite crowded, but I’d rather say that it was cosy 😀

The lady who served us seemed to be the owner and didn’t speak a word of English but that added to the fun of it all! I haven’t studied French since Year 9, and even then I was pretty terrible at it. I tried to order “une carafe d’eau s’il vous plaît” (a jug of water for you non French speakers!) with our other drinks, but with my terrible accent things got a bit confusing and after a lot of pointing and gestures, we finally got there.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love duck, so I had to try their confit de canard! Not long after ordering, my duck arrived with mashed potato. The duck was lovely, with a crispy skin, and the mash was really nice and smooth. I was a bit worried that the dish would be a bit dry since there wasn’t a sauce, but I had nothing to worry about since the duck was cooked to perfection! As there is always room for dessert, I ordered the chocolate fondant thinking it would be like a chocolate cake with a molten middle. However, what arrived was more of a mousse, so was a little disappointing, but fairly tasty nonetheless!

Overall, this restaurant definitely deserves the high rating on Trip Advisor. The service we received was great as the waitress was really friendly and didn’t mind my terrible attempts at speaking French. At €12.50, the duck was good value and tasty, and for €3 the dessert was pretty decent too.