Hong Kong & Taiwan: Day 6

Today we visited Yangming National Park, and just like yesterday, it was tipping it down with rain! Undeterred, we donned our rather fashionable rain coats and got on with it! The National Park is in a beautiful area, so it was a shame that we weren’t able to see much of the views due to the heavy clouds and rain!


We took a bus around the mountains first because we had no idea where we wanted to get off!

We then had a bit of a wander and got to the visitor centre where they advised us on the best places to visit.

On the second journey round on the bus, we got off at the Erziping stop and decided to walk down the trail. It was a bit creepy as it was totally deserted apart from a couple of stray dogs which scared the life out of my mum! We chose this trail as it was flat the whole way and easy to walk in the rain. One of the stray dogs stayed with us the whole route and back much to my mum’s displeasure! At first I thought it just wanted food, but when it kept running ahead and then coming back to us, I genuinely think that it stayed to look after us! Even mum warmed to the dog after a while! The end of the trail opened up to a large open area where there was a beautiful lake and really pretty scenery. It would have been lovely to wander around there, but it was getting windier and was a bit scary, so we decided to head back the way we came, guard dog in tow 😉


We were absolutely soaked and weren’t really in the mood to do anything else since it was already getting fairly late in the day, so we made our way back to the hotel which took a good couple of hours!

We had a rather un-Taiwanese dinner tonight and went to a pizza/pasta buffet restaurant. It was pretty funny when we first went in as we weren’t too sure on how the whole thing worked, and since we can’t speak Mandarin, but my mum can write in traditional Chinese, there was a lot of writing and gesturing before we both understood what was going on! They had an amazing selection of creative pizzas on offer such as cappuccino, Japanese Teryaki chicken, and concubine bao, and I sampled a lot of them! We were also able to order as much pasta as we liked and they also kept coming round with loads of other food like chicken wings too.



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