Hong Kong & Taiwan: Day 5

It was such a horrible rainy day today and I really didn’t want to go outside and do anything! However, we’d come all this way and it would be a shame to just sit inside and wallow! So after a hearty breakfast, mum and I caught the bus to the Yehliu Geopark. Funnily enough, my mum visited here with her sister last year and it was also pouring down with rain so they didn’t go inside! Instead they just visited a cake shop and headed back soon afterwards! Mum and I visited the same cake shop that they went to previously, in the hope that the rain would cease, but unfortunately the rain just didn’t want to go away!

We decided that since we were already here, we might as well venture inside!


The Geopark is a collection of really interesting rock formations that have been eroded by the sea into quite interesting shapes, such as a head, flip flops, and mushrooms. Unfortunately, it meant that we had to venture out along the sea, which made it very windy and almost unbearable in combination with the torrential rain! It would have been beautiful to see if it were a nice day, but we made the most of it and battled on! We got about half way and then decided to turn back since the second half would have required us to climb some very steep, slippery steps by the ocean, and as much as I really wanted to see it all, I valued our lives a bit more!!


It was pretty late in the afternoon and we were pretty hungry, so we just decided to eat at a local place near the bus stop. We had clearly interrupted the owners’ lunch as they were sat in front of the TV munching away, but one of them quickly rustled up two plates of noodles to help fill us up, all for less than £1!

We headed back to the hotel and dried off for a bit before heading back out to Chiang Kai Sek.


We decided to head to Taipei 101 for dinner as mum said that there were a vast array of restaurants to choose from there. It was basically like a massive food court in a shopping centre and we walked round several times trying to choose what we wanted to eat. It was a nightmare for someone like me who is attracted to everything on offer!! Since we were pretty hungry and everything was so cheap, we went pretty crazy and got a lot of food between the two of us! I had a whole squid with lamb, noodles, a fried egg, and vegetables for about $170 and mum decided on food from two different places. One included drunken chicken, rice, and some veg, and the other had a Taiwanese style omelette, chow mein, and some soup. It was literally a feast for less than £10!! Needless to say, we were suitable well fed 😉


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