Hong Kong & Taiwan: Day 4

After a very early start at half 6, we checked out of our hotel and made our way to the airport as my mum and I were spending a few days in Taiwan! I’d never been before, but mum had and I’d never really thought of it as somewhere to visit, but since it’s so close to Hong Kong – why not?

When I’m in Hong Kong, I always seem to eat an insane amount of McDonald’s! I’d never normally eat it at all when I’m back in England, but I guess it’s just a cheap and reliable option when you can’t be bothered to search for anything else! So after checking in, we had a nice little McDonald’s breakfast to help wake us up!

Our flight left a bit late and wasn’t full at all, so I kicked mum out of the seat next to me and stretched out across both seats 😉 After flying for around an hour, we landed in Taiwan! It took a really long time to get through immigration as the queues were massive! I just found it so amusing how pretty much everyone was looking down on their phones!


I definitely hadn’t prepared myself for the terrible weather in Taiwan and regretted only bringing shorts and no leggings!! After settling into our hotel, we got the underground to Longshan temple and I was amazed by how cheap the journey was! It cost about $16 which equates to less than 20p! That’s ridiculous considering my train to work which is only two stops costs £2.60! The temple itself was very grand and the decorations were very intricate and colourful.

We then wandered around some food markets and there were so many weird and wonderful stalls such as ones selling pig tails and trotters! Everything was ridiculously cheap too, so my mum and I literally had a tasty feast for around £1!

We then took the underground to the Red House which used to be an old market and is made from red bricks (surprise surprise, given its name 😉 )


Afterwards, we decided to find somewhere for dinner and I was still amazed by how cheap everything was! Even the poshest looking restaurants had dishes like steak for dirt cheap! We were both still very full from the delicious snacks we’d eaten earlier on, so decided to keep it simple and went for some sticky rice each and shared a fishball soup with marrow. Madness how all of our food so far only cost around £5! If only things are that cheap in England!! (Or maybe not, as I’d probably be the size of a house!)


The area that we were in really reminded me of Piccadilly Circus due to all the really colourful lights and general buzz of the place!



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