Hong Kong & Taiwan 2015

Well it’s definitely been too long since I’ve written anything here! Not quite sure what happened or how the past four months have gone so quickly – I’ve clearly been having too much fun at work! After such a long period of neglect I think it’s only right to restart my blogging with many posts about my trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan. I’m sure it’ll have been worth the wait 😉

My family are originally from Hong Kong and both my parents came to the UK a million years ago so I was born and bred in the UK 🙂 It had been nearly three years since I last went to Hong Kong, but in March we finally headed back there to see all my family for just over two weeks. To say that there was a lot of a food involved during the trip is a massive understatement 😛

My mum was lucky on the flight there as she managed to bag herself two seats to herself, though I did get the window seat (perks of being an only child!) so I can’t really complain 😀

On the plane

I think the best thing the dinner we got was the Gu pudding we got for dessert (I’m such a sucker for sweet things haha 😛 )

As we were on a night flight, we arrived after 5pm in Hong Kong after a 12 hour flight. The lovely blue sky and warm sun was a pleasant change from the dreary cold we’d left behind in England!

Landing in Hong Kong

After a while waiting for our luggage, Mum and I travelled to our hotel in Hung Hom.

On the bus to Hung Hom

On the bus to Hung Hom

We stayed in the SAV Hotel which was built quite recently. Our room was absolutely tiny, but that didn’t matter too much to me because the small child in me was too preoccupied with playing with the remote control that changed the colour of the room’s lights!

We got settled before getting some well needed grub from a nearby restaurant that served pretty cheap, standard Chinese food like wonton noodles and veg.


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