Oxford, Bath & Bristol – Day 4

Since there was no 8am breakfast to wake up for, we had a bit more of a leisurely start. However, the morning was very active as we took a six mile walk on the Bath Skyline which is apparently the most popular National Trust walk 😀 We made our way along the river to the start point.

As soon as we started, we were greeted with amazing views over Bath. The whole city just seemed so white, as in all the buildings were basically the same colour and it looked quite cool.

Bath Skyline walk

The walk was really fun as we were walking along all different types of terrain ranging from grassy cow fields, forest, roads, and paths 😛 I was actually quite glad that it wasn’t a boiling hot summer’s day otherwise I think I would have probably melted from all the climbs we did! We reached a part of our walk which met a road and were slightly confused and a kind man helped us on our way. People are so friendly and helpful when you’re not in London, it’s like a whole different world!

We sat down to admire the views over Bathampton before heading on our way. We then somehow ended up in quite a large, eerie field that was filled with odd looking wooden contraptions. As we were near Bath University, I wondered whether this was a weird part of their sports team initiations 😛

We then got to Sham Castle and took some photos before the sky started looking rather dark and scary, so we headed back down to the main road and the end of our walk!

We then headed into the centre of Bath for a well needed lunch. Afterwards we had a wander through the area to look at the main sights. We passed Bath Cathedral (not another cathedral I hear you cry!), the Royal Baths, Pulteney Bridge, the Circus, and the Royal Crescent. The day was finished off with a lovely dinner at Cafe Rouge 😀

The Circus

The Circus

Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent



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