Oxford, Bath & Bristol – Day 3

It was a very bright and sunny morning so after we’d filled our stomachs with a lovely breakfast, we explored the college grounds a bit more. I still find it mad that every college has its own grounds and cathedral! It’s like a whole new university in itself!

The speediest checkout ever then occurred and a casual hand waved over to the wall to show us where we could leave our suitcases.

We headed up to South Park which was on a bit of a hill so we had nice views over Oxford that were filled with many cathedrals!

South Park

The wind was picking up so we came back down and had a peek at a few more colleges. I really liked the Queen’s College front quad! Everything was just so symmetrical and perfect – definitely satisfying my weird OCD!

Queen's college

Queen’s college

A trip to the Ashmolean museum was next and we had a brief look inside at all the artefacts and old archaeology before exploring the Oxford University Parks which were very well kept.

Our last stop in Oxford was the Pitt Rivers museum which I vaguely remembered visiting when I was 11! It was full of interesting old fossils and some rather scary dinosaurs!

We then returned to Wadham college and were relieved to still find our suitcases there and not stolen 😛 We grabbed lunch on the go and caught the train to our next city, Bath!

Our hotel overlooked the river and they were very accommodating in giving us a water view room which was really lovely!

We were staying there for three nights and didn’t want to ruin the rest of the holiday by exploring the city too much in the first afternoon, so we had a bit of a meander west along the river before heading to dinner at Prezzo. I opted for two classic pastas and the honeycomb cheesecake which is my absolute favourite 😀 The restaurant was in an old railway arch and looked pretty cool!


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