Books About Town Bench Hunt

It’s been a busy couple of weeks filled with lovely wanders around London, results day, and graduation! I’ve ticked off another thing off my Things to Do Before I’m 30 since I’ve definitely explored many new places around London in the past couple of weeks!

Earlier this month, Books About Town started where 50 unique bench sculptures appeared around London which were designed by local artists and famous people to celebrate London’s literary heritage. In the past couple of years there have been loads of cool hunts around London like the Easter Egg hunts and Phone Box hunts, so I was rather excited to hear about this new one! Thankfully, they had maps of where all of them were on their website so last week I ventured out to find some.

We started off at Blackfriars and wandered along the Southbank. They always hold random festivals and this time it was the Festival of Love. There were many random installations and bits and pieces dotted around the area!

Our first stop was Waterloo to find our first bench. Unfortunately, there was a guy who seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he was sat on a piece of art and had set down all his bags and made himself very comfortable. Undeterred, we headed off to find Around the World in Eighty Days which was a bit of a challenge as we didn’t know that it was inside a shop.


We wandered around the Bloomsbury area and found many other benches. Sadly, one bench which looked really cool had been taken away for repairs 😦 It was right outside Birkbeck University, so I’m going to blame them for damaging it 😉

The benches all looked amazing, some more intricate and detailed than others, but all great to look at nonetheless! I think from that day’s hunt, my favourites are probably Peter Pan and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe benches!

Peter Pan bench

Peter Pan bench


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