Rome – Day 4

Our last day in Rome! We had basically seen all the main things in Rome on the previous days (all thanks to my amazingly efficient map reading skills of course 😉 all that practice doing Duke of Edinburgh and navigating around unrecognisable paths and jumping into bogs must really have helped!) so we had a few hours after breakfast before we needed to head to the airport. It was a glorious day so I took us around the Villa Borghese park again as it was just so pretty! We tried to find the Villa Medici and due to the lack of road names and paths, ended up walking alongside some random path next to the road filled with litter. My parents say that I took them through a rubbish tip, but I like to say that it was all planned and I was letting them experience all aspects of Rome, just like any good tour guide would do 😉 We passed some old looking buildings which we assumed would be the villa but I was expecting something a bit more grand!

We carried on for a bit longer and reached the Pincio which overlooked the Piazza del Popolo. There were really nice views across Rome and we could see the Vatican and Monumento a Vitto Emanuel.



It was about midday, so we slowly headed back to our hotel to collect our luggage. On our way back, we saw a baby bus! It was so small compared to the normal sized bus that was next to it. We were all rather amused and fascinated by it for some reason haha 😛 The people on the buses probably thought I was some weirdo taking a photo of them on the bus…

I’d planned our time perfectly so that there was plenty of time for a final gelato!

We had planned to catch a bus back to the airport at 14:50, but when we got to the train station (where the buses run from) and tried to buy our tickets, they told us that the bus was full 😦 The next bus wasn’t until 15:30 which would be a bit tight in terms of timings for our flight. We were in a bit of a tizz and then remembered that we could just get the train. It did cost €8 more per person, but at least it was a bit quicker and we got to experience Rome’s trains! We finally managed to find a ticket machine to buy our tickets and didn’t lose each other either, which is an achievement in itself as the station was hectic! It made Clapham Junction at rush hour look like a relaxing walk in the park! We got to our platform with about 10 minutes to spare, phew!

Exhausted after all that running around!

Exhausted after all that running around!

Once we were at the airport, getting to our gate was another challenge! At first there seemed to only be gates A-G, but once we’d gone past security, there was a screen with information about flights and gates and there were many numbers after the letters which indicated many more gates instead of the initial seven. However, there was no information on our flight! We panicked a little and wondered whether we had gone to the right airport!! After a while of frantic running around, we found out that we were in the right place (phew!) and that our plane was in area G. We walked for what felt like miles! Each gate seemed to be a whole new airport in itself as there were so many shops around them! We finally got to our gate and lined up, and guess what?! We were delayed again yay! Thankfully it wasn’t too long and we were on our way back home! Goodbye Rome, I had a lovely time!


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