Rome – Day 2

The weather for our second day in Rome looked a bit ominous. The skies were grey and it had clearly been raining overnight 😦 Nevertheless, we headed down to breakfast in good spirits and I was cheered up even more when I saw that there was a plethora of sweet pastries for me to choose from. I love hotel breakfasts as there is always so much to choose from and the sugar explosion on my plate was definitely enough to satisfy me (I may have gone back for seconds…and thirds… πŸ˜‰ my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach!)

After overloading on sugar, I decided that we would walk in the direction of the famous Colosseum whilst passing many other impressive sights. We also passed a shop selling the most amazing looking pasta ever! It was so colourful and vibrant that I could never bear to eat it if I had it in my cupboard!

The Monumento a Vitto Emanuel came into view after a short while walking and it was very, very grand looking! It’s a controversial monument built in honour of the first king of a unified Italy (I bet you’re impressed with my Wikipedia skills πŸ˜‰ )

Around Trajan’s Column, there were a load of ruins that were quite interesting to see.

We had a bit more of a wander around the surrounding area and unfortunately it started raining 😦 We sheltered under our umbrellas for a short while until it thankfully finished!

What never fails to impress me is the amount of detail that all the monuments/fountains/doorways/etc have! It’s mad to think about how people managed to create such elaborate and intricate designs back in the day!

The seagull just HAD to be part of our family photo ;)

The seagull just HAD to be part of our family photo πŸ˜‰


We then somehow stumbled upon the place that holds David which is a Renaissance sculpture created by Michelangelo!


After a bit more wandering, we came across what we thought might be the Colosseum. However, we did have our doubts since it seemed very small, there was a serious lack of tourists, and there seemed to be office-style windows at the top!

I knew for definite that we had gone very wrong when we reached the river whereas the real Colosseum was nowhere near it! A nice policeman helpfully pointed out where we were and I found out that the fake Colosseum was in fact Teatro Marcello, which is an open air theatre…oops! After getting my bearings again, I navigated us to the real Colosseum which was a real sight to see!

Before going round it, we stopped off for lunch at Hostaria Gladiatore as we needed a bit of a rest! After a bit of refuelling, we were ready to conquer the Colosseum! We wandered around it several times and I took a ridiculous amount of photos! It was just so impressive!

We also passed the Arc of Constantine too which was pretty cool πŸ™‚

It was still early, so I took us back in the direction of our hotel and satisfied my gelato craving!


We then had a walk around the Villa Borghese gardens which were stunning! We were tempted to hire one of the four seater bike things that my mum naively thought would only cost 2 Euros (we aren’t living in the 1900s any more mum, prices have gone up! πŸ˜‰ ) but resisted as the hour hire duration wouldn’t leave me much time to stop and take hundreds of photos of the scenery! I loved the really tall and straight trees that were everywhere in the park! Oh the little things in life…

We then ended our night with a lovely dinner at Ristorante Gusto Pinto right around the corner from our hotel.



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