100 Happy Days – Day 100: Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words

I really can’t believe that 100 days have passed and that I’m at the end of my challenge. It’s all getting rather emotional and I may even shed a tear at the end of all this πŸ˜› At the beginning of the challenge I thought it might be quite tough as I saw that many people do fail it. For my last photo I decided to go for this quote on my wall as it’s one of my favourites and thought it quite fitting and something that I should probably try to live by a bit more. To be honest it was a toss up between this and my “keep calm and eat a cupcake” poster…but this one won πŸ˜‰

I guess happiness tends to mean different things when you’re at different stages of your life. When I was six, it probably meant getting the massive Sylvanian Families house that I wanted for Christmas (not gonna lie, I probably would still be rather chuffed if I received one of them!) or having a nice filling in my sandwich for lunch. But as I’ve got older, I have realised that there are so many things that can make me happy no matter how big or small – whether it’s getting a job offer or something small like a link to an amusing picture (many courtesy of Matt!).

During these past 100 days I guess I have gone on a journey of some sort (as cringey as that sounds) since days have been very up and down, but something in each day has made me smile and made me appreciate what I have. I am really lucky with my family and friends around me and I’ve had the chance to study at an amazing uni too. The past 100 days have flown by and amongst the not so happy days have been great days such as those spent with my mum, sunny days at the park, catching up with friends, and just random adventures around London. I know a lot of my posts have been about food and cakes (yes I am a fatty!) But it’s not just been about the eating aspect that has made me happy, it’s also been about the other things that go along with it such as spending a nice afternoon with my mum or friends, sharing my baking with others, or trying out something new and it being a success.

This post is turning into a massive essay now and probably has more critical analysis than my Sociology coursework I have been writing over Easter…so for getting this far I thank you and congratulate you πŸ˜‰ anyway on that note I should probably end this post now before I bore you all to death and make you cringe even more. Now it’s time to start my 100 unhappy days which shouldn’t be too hard since exams are looming… just kidding πŸ˜›

Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words

Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words


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