100 Happy Days – Day 98

I’ve always loved art and took it for GCSE, but wasn’t able to take it for A Level due to clashing subjects 😦 My favourite medium is pencil and I do really love drawing anything. I can just put the radio on, relax, and hours can go by so quickly whilst I’m sketching and shading away! My drawings of people are not up to scratch as they always look really odd and not life like at all. But I’m fairly happy with my other drawings and I guess my people are slowwwwly improving! Last summer, after exams, I drew a tiger which took me days. It’s probably the drawing I am most proud of since I put so much effort into it (especially with all the hairs!) and doesn’t look too bad either 🙂 I hadn’t drawn anything since Christmas because I just haven’t had the time to as I tend to take forever with each drawing, but today, I sat down and just went for it. I always have the issue of thinking of what to draw, but since the weather has been so lovely and sunny recently, I decided to go for a sea shell, as I really felt in a summery mood. Now I just need to finish it!


Some of my previous drawings…

Baby me! Yes I did look like a boy, I can thank my mum for that...haha

Baby me! Yes I did look like a boy, I can thank my mum for that…haha

Ballet shoe drawing

Bamboo drawing

Eye drawing

Family drawing

Heart hands drawing

Rose drawing

Tiger drawing


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 98

  1. Wow you draw amazingly well. I wish I could draw – I used to be fiercely proud of my ability to draw my own cartoons as a child. I thought I was incredibly talented, and indeed I was, just not at art or drawing haha!! I love the ballet shoes and the tiger X

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