100 Happy Days – Day 96 (Eggless Victoria Sponge)

I had a nice little baking session this afternoon which was welcomed after lots of revision! I was planning on making a Victoria Sponge with cream and strawberries, however, just before baking my mum mentioned we didn’t have any eggs! Disaster! After a quick search online, I found that I could use natural yogurt or milk as a substitute. Not one for shying away from experimenting, I opted for both as the 150g of yogurt made the mix very thick, so needed 80ml of milk to loosen it up. The rest of the recipe consisted of 150g self raising flour, 140g sugar, 150g margarine, and some vanilla extract. The inside of the cooked cake took a slightly weird texture, and was almost gummy in a way. I’m not sure whether it was undercooked, or whether it was just because I’d used yogurt and milk instead of egg. In any case, I soldiered on, undeterred by this slight blip, and cut the cake in half, whipped up a cream filling, and neatly placed the strawberries inside. When it was time to cut the cake, it was like a scene from a horror movie, with cream and strawberries spurting out from all ends (not the prettiest of photos!!). I was a bit concerned with how it would taste, but it was actually alright. The cake itself was a bit chewier than a normal sponge, but the cream and strawberries made it taste pretty good 😀 However, I think next time I’ll definitely make sure we have eggs before planning a baking afternoon, but I guess you never know how things will turn out until you try!

Eggless Victoria Sponge with cream and strawberries


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