100 Happy Days – Day 86 (Blue Cafe Leatherhead – Review)

I haven’t seen Chris since last year so it was lovely meeting up with him this morning for brunch and a catch up 🙂 (can’t believe I’ve known him since I was 4! That makes me feel old…) We went to the Blue Cafe in Leatherhead as we’d heard good things about it and fancied giving it a try. I’ve always been attracted to their massive zebra print chairs in the window too! I’d read online that the service can sometimes a bit surly and I guess the staff seemed a bit lackluster, but they were efficient and speedy, so that was good enough 🙂 I was rather indecisive as to what to eat as they have a nice wide range of sandwiches and paninis, as well as jacket potatoes and pasta dishes. To say I was tempted by the cakes is a massive understatement, but in the end I went for a chicken, bacon, and cheese panini for £3.80 which also came with a small side salad and a couple of tortilla style crisps. It tasted pretty good, just could have done with a bit more filling though. But it was a lovely little place for a catch up and the prices were reasonable. After 12pm the cafe also got steadily busier as all the local business people came in for their lunch which shows that it must be rather popular with regulars!

Chicken, bacon, cheese, mayo panini

Blue Cafe on Urbanspoon


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