100 Happy Days – Day 84

So I had a fun little trip to the dentist today. I haven’t been since before my 18th birthday (terrible I know!!), but thankfully they said they couldn’t see anything wrong (unless my x-rays show otherwise!). This was also the first time I had to pay for my checkup, a whole £18 for less than five minutes in the chair! I almost want to have something wrong with my teeth just so that they spend longer looking at them! I find it sad how even though I’m paying £18, I still don’t get a scratch and sniff sticker which I used to get when I was younger and got my checkups for free. I think I still have a whole box of them stashed away somewhere at home! Anyone else remember the joys of those stickers? (Or maybe it’s just me who loved them so much…)

Arch Dental Surgery


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