100 Happy Days – Day 37

I had an assessment centre yesterday in central London and I wasn’t totally sure what to expect since it was the first one I’d ever been to. I won’t write too much about it here, but I think there were over 80 of us, which was a bit daunting, and everyone I’d spoke to said that this was by far the largest amount of people they’d seen at an assessment centre before! Scary stuff! The day was split up into two parts, with those who were successful staying on after lunch, and  those who weren’t, basically getting sent home. It was such a nerve racking lunch and we were all thinking “over half of us will be going soon!”. We were then all taken into a large room, and names were put up on the screen with those graduates leaving the room to be told their fate elsewhere. It was all very X Factor! All of us remaining in the room looked around trying to work out whether we were in or out. It was a tense situation! After the door closed, we were told we had progressed to the next stage (judges houses! Just kidding 😀 ) and sighs of relief and yelps of joy spread around the room. It was a long but interesting day, and all the graduates and other people I met were lovely. After it all finished, I thought I’d treat myself to something from Patisserie Valerie as it was just around the corner from the hotel, and ended up getting four things hah!

Patisserie Valerie: exotic fruit tart, carrot cake, chocolate gateaux, cheesecake


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