100 Happy Days – Day 32 (Patisserie Valerie)

It’s a bit scary how quickly 32 days has passed since starting the 100 Happy Days challenge! It’s already week 4 of uni which means the dreaded exams and coursework deadlines are looming! I’m glad it’s the weekend and hopefully I’ll find some time to relax and take a bit of break from work! Did some mystery shops today and thought I’d treat myself to a chocolate gateaux cake from Patisserie Valerie – yum 😀 The displays in their shops always look so appealing and it was hard to decide which one I wanted since I wanted to try them all, but if I did then I would definitely be rolling to uni! The gateaux was very nice! It looks like quite a small piece, but it was actually pretty big, and very rich and filling! The profiterole on the top was lovely and I’ll definitely be having this slice again!

Patisserie Valerie Double Chocolate Gateaux


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