100 Happy Days – Day 14

Whenever I wander around London I always end up discovering new things that I never realised were there before, especially street art. A lot of people would say that it just the same as graffiti which is just tags and names, but I think that street art is totally different and can look really intricate and detailed, and really adds a bit of personality to the area. When I worked in Shoreditch last summer, there was a lot of really cool stuff there and I’d love to go for a proper wander around to discover even more. The rose below is near where I live and I must have walked past it so many times before I even realised it was there! I like the variation in street art with some being really big and colourful, and others, like this piece, which are more subtle and can transform an otherwise plain wall, into a piece of art. I’ve taken a lot of photos of stuff I’ve seen when just wandering around, so I’ll have to dig them out and I’ll make a proper blog post on it another day!

Rose street art


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 14

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