Things To Do Before I’m 30

It’s a bit scary how quick time is going by and that I’m already in my third year of university! Where has the time gone?! I just thought this would be a fun list to compile of things I want to do before I’m 30, some probably more do-able than others. It’ll be interesting to see whether this blog even exists when I’m 30 and how many I’ve accomplished as I’ve got less than 10 years to go! I’m sure I’ll add to this list as I think of more things I want to do, but at least I’ve done some of them already!

  1. Start a blog Good start, already done!
  2. Graduate Graduated on the 18/7/14!
  3. Go to afternoon tea at one of those posh places in London Went to the Sanderson Hotel’s Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea on the 26/7/14 and the Palm Court on the 5/8/14!
  4. Go to a West End theatre production Saw Wicked on the 5/8/14
  5. Go on a spontaneous weekend trip to a foreign city
  6. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently
  7. Go to a music festival
  8. Go on a road trip somewhere with friends
  9. Explore more of the parts of London I’ve never been Had a bit of an explore in the summer of 2014 after my exams! Read about my wanders around St Katharine’s Docks, Tower Bridge, and Butler’s Wharf and my bench hunt around Bloomsbury
  10. Go skydiving
  11. Run a marathon
  12. Go to an Olympics
  13. Ride an elephant
  14. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  15. Go on Safari in Africa Did it in July 2010 whilst on a sports leadership trip to Uganda
  16. Go zorbing
  17. Be an extra in a movie
  18. Make a Yule Log Made one on the 16th December 2013
  19. Visit every continent
  20. See the sunset and sunrise in every continent
  21. Experience Christmas in every continent
  22. See in the New Year from at least 10 different countries
  23. Go into space (a bit ambitious I know!)
  24. See the Northern lights
  25. Buy my own house
  26. Buy my parents a house
  27. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  28. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  29. Sleep under the stars
  30. Make a gingerbread house
  31. Cook a roast dinner completely on my own
  32. Visit a chocolate factory
  33. Do a Harry Potter movie marathon
  34. Be in the audience for a TV show I’ve watched the X Factor auditions, Graham Norton, and 8 Out of 10 Cats
  35. Learn to knit
  36. Start a fire with flint and tinder
  37. Eat at a restaurant on my own (this sounds a bit sad, but it is a bit of a scary thing to have the courage to do it!) Did it on the 31/1/14
  38. Go to the cinema on my own (same reason as above)
  39. Shower in a waterfall
  40. Build a treehouse
  41. Try a deep fried Mars bar (mmm heart attack in a snack!)
  42. Learn how to cook I’ve definitely learnt how to cook properly during my second year of uni
  43. Learn to ski
  44. Host a dinner party
  45. Grow my own vegetables/fruit
  46. Learn sign language
  47. Donate blood
  48. Be able to skim a stone on water
  49. Be part of a flash mob
  50. Start ballet again
  51. Stand on the equator Did this whilst on a sports leadership trip to Uganda in 2010
  52. Ride a gondola in Venice
  53. Swim with dolphins
  54. Drop water balloons off a tall building (because I’m still a child at heart!)
  55. Attend a Cirque du Soleil performance
  56. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World
  57. Make a time capsule
  58. Be known for a food dish
  59. Have a campfire on the beach
  60. Be able to do 50 pushups in a row without killing myself
  61. Find a tea that I actually like and can stomach
  62. Write at least 30 blog posts (slowly getting there…) Wrote my 31st blog post on the 23rd January 2014 😀
  63. Float in the Dead Sea
  64. Go on a horse carriage
  65. Bathe in a hot spring in Iceland
  66. Take a boat trip along the Nile
  67. Make a bet on something big
  68. Build a 10ft snowman
  69. Ride a jetski
  70. Go on a rollercoaster that goes upside down I hate rollercoasters, so this is quite a big one hah, but I don’t think I’ll be going back on one any time soon
  71. See the Amazon rainforest
  72. Try a national dish from every country
  73. Live abroad for a significant period of time
  74. Have a water fight
  75. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  76. Fly first class
  77. Complete my 100 Happy Days Challenge Finished 16/4/14!
  78. Own a property abroad
  79. Ride a cable car Done this several times in Hong Kong and in other countries. Still want to go on the one in London though
  80. Have a job that I love
  81. Fly in a helicopter
  82. Put a message in a bottle and let it drift away in the sea
  83. Run in an Olympic stadium I ran for my uni athletics team at the London Olympic Stadium on the 5th May 2012
  84. Watch a ballet
  85. Buy a car
  86. Write a letter to someone random and post it
  87. Make a sand sculpture that’s a bit more impressive than a clump of sand squished together
  88. Eat at a Michelin award winning restaurant
  89. Keep a diary
  90. Get in contact with someone I haven’t talked to or seen in a long time
  91. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy (I started when I was younger, but realised halfway through the second book that I had no idea what was going on so stopped!)
  92. Make a difference in someone’s life (bit of a biggie but I’d just like do something that will make someone smile)
  93. Have a complete change of hairstyle (but maybe not bald…)
  94. Go to the cockpit of a plane I’m flying on
  95. Watch a Broadway play in New York
  96. Have a BBQ on a beach in Australia whilst seeing in the New Year
  97. Own an apartment somewhere high up with amazing views
  98. Plant a tree
  99. Learn to juggle with three balls
  100. Volunteer somewhere and really help make a difference
  101. Ride a unicycle
  102. Hop on a pogo stick
  103. Abseil down the Blue Mountains in Australia
  104. Take a ride in a helicopter

11 thoughts on “Things To Do Before I’m 30

  1. I love reading bucket lists! Good luck with your list and I’m glad that you have some crossed off already 🙂

    Wow, some of those are super ambitious lifetime adventures.

    Try a national dish from every country would be a cool blog to read. It could be combination of travel, restaurants and cooking at home. There are about 200 countries in the world so if you tried 1 dish a week it would take you almost 4 years!

    • Thank you 😀 Yeah some are probably not quite as feasible as others, but I thought I might as well go all out and give myself something to aim for 🙂

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