London Ice Sculpting Festival 2014

Yesterday I visited the London Ice Sculpting Festival at Canary Wharf with Matt as it was a lovely, sunny day, and it felt like something a bit different that I’ve never done before. From Friday to Sunday, sculptors from all over the world were showing off their sculpting skills in various competitions. There was the ‘Big Block’ competition on Saturday with the theme of fabulous fashion.

I think I’ve only passed through Canary Wharf once before in the past, and it felt a bit exciting going there and being surrounded by the massive buildings and perfectly kept gardens. The whole area just felt ‘shiny’ and new, and I reckon it’d be great to work here (although being a banker doesn’t appeal to me so much!). Matt suggested being a waitress and still being able to admire the nice surroundings hah!

There were 9 two man teams from Europe and one from Africa (which reminded me a bit of the film Cool Runnings – I mean, where do they even practice sculpting and how did they even get into it?!). We arrived in the early afternoon, so the sculptures were just beginning to take place. It was really interesting to see the work behind the sculptures and to see the designs of what they would eventually become.

There was an area where you could make your own sculpture, but unfortunately the next free slot wasn’t for a few hours 😦 A grafitti wall stood in Montgomery Square where there were many people leaving their mark at the event (or hacking off parts of the wall in the case of many small children!).

Since the weather today had been so clear, there was a beautiful sunset, and anyone who knows me, knows that I love taking lots of photos of them!


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