100 Happy Days – Day 3

I’ve always loved London as it’s such a busy city and there’s just so much to do. I partly chose to go to Uni in London because of the availability of everything you could ever need, right on your doorstep, and how it wasn’t too far from my home town either. It was great when I lived in halls in central London for my first year, as I could just walk down the road to Oxford Street if I fancied a bit of shopping, to China Town when it was Chinese New Year, or along the Thames if I fancied a late night walk. But sometimes the busyness did get rather annoying, especially when I could barely move an inch down the road without bumping into a tourist who had stopped to take a photo, or was looking at their map for directions. So in my second year I moved out of central London into zone two to live with my friends. It’s a pretty nice place where I am, with great transport links into central London (literally every bus goes past the area!) I can even see the London Eye if I stick my head out of my bedroom window far enough. The view from our balcony is great too, and on days like today, the view is rather pretty when the sun is setting slightly and reflects off the Shard!

Love having a view like this from our balcony!

Love having a view like this from our balcony!


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