Le Petit Zinc (Review)

We decided to try Le Petit Zinc for a quick lunch as we had passed it on a few occasions on our way back to our hotel and my mum liked the display of seafood outside the restaurant. We went for the Express Menu which we hoped would live up to its name since we had to be back at our hotel soon for our rearranged spa treatments.

The menu was pretty vast with prices varying from €177.70 for a selection of oysters and other seafood, to the much cheaper option of our Express Menu which was only €22.20 for two courses!


We went for two courses each as we didn’t want lunch to take too long. I went for the flank steak with shallot sauce and home made French fries, and my mum chose the lamb stew with carrots. My steak was a pretty standard steak, but that was what I was expecting. The fries on the other hand were really nice! They were lovely and crispy on the outside and were thin cut, which is what I love! My mum’s lamb wasn’t chewy and there was a lot of meat!

For dessert I chose the vanilla creme brulee and my mum had the pear crumble. They were both very nice, although it was a bit disappointing that the bowl for the crumble was hot, yet the crumble itself wasn’t!

On the whole, if I had a lot more money and more time, it would have been nice to try some of the other items on the menu (although I think I may leave the €177.70 dish until I’ve got myself a decent job!) We were served pretty rapidly and the waiters were friendly towards us, even though we chose the cheapest items on the menu! There was also a live cooking station where the waiters were making crepes, which was nice to watch. The interior of the restaurant was rather grand looking, and pretty big, although I didn’t get a chance to explore that much.



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