Jumping On The Blog Wagon

So I’ve finally decided to jump on the blog wagon! I’ve always been quite interested in starting a blog but never really got round to it. It’s always just been something that I’ve thought to be too much effort and time consuming, but after last summer working at various PR companies, I’ve quite enjoyed writing and thought I may as well start a blog…even if it probably gets no viewers (so if you are reading this, thank you!!)

Anyway, enough rambling…I’m Bonnie, 20, and currently go to Uni and live in London. I love baking, drawing and traveling so I guess a lot of this blog will be based on that kind of stuff and generally other things going on in my life right now (well that’s the plan anyway, only time will tell to see if I actually do more than this first blog post!)

Coming up with blog names was a massive challenge as my name was already taken and I had a bit of a mind block with other names. I have a million nicknames such as Bonifer, Bonjamin, Bon Bon, B Man, Manny, but I can’t say that they are really that suitable for a blog hah. I eventually settled on Life of Bonnie (as a bit of a play on the book and film Life of Pi) and I guess that’s quite simple and straight forward as it will be about my life 🙂 I’ve had experience with websites before when I was about 13 or so for my own little graphic design website and made little cutesy graphics for people to use on their websites and did requests for people as well. It was pretty successful, if I do say so myself, but then I got older and the tolls of GCSEs and actually having to do proper work at school came about and I just didn’t have time for it any more, which does suck.

But here’s to a new beginning! So I hope you enjoy reading my blog and ramblings!


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